Doctors Discovered Oxytocin Spray as a Tool to Enhance Relationships Slovenia

Rumour has it that a marriage is lost when a couple fights on everything, daily. The good news is that once again science has come to help, but this time to save your relationship or the love union.

The secret to a long lasting and successful marriage lies in your nose as an expert has discovered a nasal spray which can help the head out of fights and disputes.

Nasal Spray- What is it All About?

Oxytocin is a hormone which occurs naturally in a person, and it is related to forming feelings of trust in people. Now, experts have found in a way put that hormone in a bottle so you can have its benefits by just spraying it on.

Given that trust is one of the essential elements which is associated with successful relationships, attention has been paid to people’s use of oxytocin nasal spray to enhance their love lives.

What Experts Found?

University of Zurich researchers have discovered that couples who utilized a nasal spray which has oxytocin hormone before discussing matters of grave importance had a soft and smooth sailing conversation.

Oxytocin is secreted in the hypothalamus part of the bran gets discharged during labor to expand the cervix, improve contractions as well as to trigger the discharge of milk in the breasts. The autonomic nervous system that regulates the body organs becomes more active during instances of a quarrel between couples.

This increases blood pressure and heart rate. Forty-seven couples participated in the examination where they pick a subject matter that they continuously oppose upon as well as sprayed themselves with nasal spray. The outcome showed that both a man and a woman showed positive behaviors.

Experts revealed that women who joined or participated in the assessments were friendlier, less demanding as well as less anxious, while men who participated in the test become more aware of social cues, they become more positive as well as tend to engage.

This love hormone is largely produced in the hypothalamus part of your brain. It had been studying in women because it is secreted while giving birth to dilate the cervix as well as boost the contractions.

The research

Forty-seven marriage couple, aged twenty and fifty have been cohabiting for at least one year, took part in the research. They choose a topic to talk about which the couples repeatedly opposed, and given five sprays of either the placebo sprays or a nasal oxytocin spray.  Forty-five minutes shortly, each partner was left alone in a room and the recorded while they discussed the subject which generally results in disagreement and dispute.

The outcomes showed that, opposed to those who had inhaled the placebo, women who had the nasal spray experienced a drip in the activity of the nervous system, whereas in the male it goes up. The men showed an increased in the positive performance or actions, while the women became friendlier.

As a whole, the experts commented, women are likely to show a demanding behavior more often, while men are likely to withdraw. In the study conducted by experts, oxytocin may have driven calm and serenity in women as well as social salience and approach behavior in men.

Nottingham University professor of health psychology Kavita Vedhara commented that the findings were extremely interesting. According to Kavita, people are much clearer on the biological role of the love hormone in ladies. On the other hand, these findings suggest it can have considerable effects on a male.

What they have revealed is that love hormone appears to minimize women’s physiological and emotional arousal following a verbal conflict, on the other hand, which the drug has the opposite effect on male, increasing both their physiological and emotional arousal. It’s not clear once the increased feeling in male was always positive. However, it was surely related to more positive behaviors during the conflict circumstances.

How Nasal Spray Can Save Marriage: This is Through Enhancing Existing Relationships

Oxytocin nasal spray isn’t for casual encounters alone. This love hormone in spray form, as many people named it, can also be utilized to build a strong and solid foundation of affection as well as the trust between established couples, maybe even saving marriages as well as partnerships in trouble. A lot of research has been performed on this topic and continues at this point.

What is more to developing the trust required for relationships, nasal oxytocin spray is also believed to add to the already high level of oxytocin present in men and women after they have sexual intercourse? This allows the couples to bond even more than they would have without the nasal spray. As a matter of fact, oxytocin spray is also able to utilized by those who feel that their loved ones are going to stray. With some puffs of oxytocin, there’s an increased chance which they can at least talk their issues out before one of them walks away from the relationship.

What is the Best Way to Increase Oxytocin Level in a Natural Way?

It must be noted that this love hormone can be augmented naturally in the body through various kinds of activities such as massaging, prayer, as well as giving caring caresses. Activities which help in companionship also augment the level of this love hormone. Nonetheless, oxytocin spray makes such levels in your body even higher that can just enhance the relationships.

Relationships Depend On Trust

As mentioned above, oxytocin is a hormone which is known to build trust amongst the couple, and it is specifically helpful where relationships are concerned. It comes in the form of a spray. While it happens naturally in your body as well, nasal spray just adds to a person’s chances of getting satisfactory relationships rooted in love as well as trust.


Studies have found and proven that nasal spray is effective in enhancing the production of oxytocin or love hormone which is accountable in increasing the feeling of love and affection towards your partner. Oxytocin nasal spray is now available online.

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